Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Rainy Day!

First of all... can I tell you how much I LOVE the rain!
It makes me soooo happy!
I love real weather.  Like when the storms bring wind, rain,
crazy clouds and big waves!
Love it, love it, love it!

Being a member of The Shitty Weather Hiking Club.. 
we really enjoy putting on our rain gear and heading out for a walk.
You never know what you will find. 
This past weekends storm brought us a beautiful rainbow!
You don't see these everyday.  
It was actually a double rainbow just for a moment!

This is something else you don't see everyday.
Waking up to a giant city of a ship right out front of our local beach!
We get about 11 a year.  Always surreal when it is parked out there.
Their visit is no more than 12 hours.
They water taxi in all their peeps to come and check out the 
cute shops, yummy restaurants and sight seeing.
This was a cold rainy day, I wonder what they think of this
town while they float away?
Thanks for reading,
love, stacy lynn